New Equipment by Manufacturer

Apache by Equipment Technologies

Equipment Technologies is the largest independently-owned manufacturer of self-propelled sprayers in North America. Operating from its 168,000 square foot headquarters in Mooresville, Ind., the company distributes its sprayers throughout North America, Ukraine and Australia through a network of independent dealers.


For more than four decades, BLU-JET® has been an innovative leader in Fertilizer Injection and Tillage Equipment for the Agricultural Industry. Our products are known for their durability, low maintenance, and return on investment in large acre farming operations.

Brehmer Mfg.

Functional and quality built fertilizer tender boxes. 

Duo Lift

Duo Lift designs and manufactures trailers and running gears for agricultural, commercial and industrial markets in a number of standard and custom models and sizes.We're a family owned business built on Midwestern values, passion and dedication to quality and innovation, and we can wholeheartedlyguarantee our products exceed your expectations. 

Kraus Mfg.

Doyle Equipment Manufacturing Co., (Kraus) home of worldwide quality dry fertilizer blending, conveying, tending, and spreading equipment. Located in Quincy, IL, USA, over looking the Mississippi River, we are a four generation family owned and operated company.Founded by the late Merle Doyle, an innovative leader in the fertilizer equipment business, Doyle Mfg. has been the leading manufacturer of bulk blenders for dry fertilizer since introducing the first rotary style drum blender in 1961.Today, with Merle's son Ron Doyle as Chairman of the Board and grandson Monty Doyle as President, we continue to lead the way by offering top quality product with the most advanced features, service, and best warranties. The future looks bright, with great-grandson Colten Doyle looking to take the helm in years to come.


Meridian Manufacturing Inc. is committed to manufacturing the most innovative and quality storage and handling products to serve the Agricultural, Industrial and Oil & Gas industries. Backed by over 65 years of experience, Meridian continues to break barriers in industry standards and elevate the bar higher. We are continuously looking at ways of improving our product lineup and incorporating the latest technological advancements to better serve our customers. Your success is our passion, hence our endless pursuit to better meet your ever-changing needs. The meticulous attention to quality and detail reflects the attitude of an enthusiastic and skilled production team, leading confidence to each Meridian customer of a superior and dependable product. Meridian’s Winnipeg based parent company, WGI Westman Group Inc., is recognized as Platinum members of "Canada's Best Managed Companies."


At Montag Mfg., we specialize in fertilizer equipment. Our complete fertilizer application system will help you start reaping the benefits of deep band fertilizer; it adapts to most field applications where liquid or dry fertilizer banding is preferred. Our high capacity, auto steering fertilizer caddy "steers" itself to precisely follow in the tracks of any implement. The two-wheeled unit is designed primarily to deep band granular fertilizer, but can also be used in any row cropapplications - liquid or dry.

New Holland

Step into a new Guardian Front Boom Sprayer from New Holland and you won’t look back. The advantages of a front mount boom are many. With a front boom, you get the best view and never need to look back. The cab offers more lighting and larger windows, improving visibility.  Precision ag spraying is delivered to the crop before the tires go over it, providing the best of both worlds.

Quality Plus Mfg.

In 1995 Quality Plus Mfg., Inc. was formed to continue to build and improve on the 800 Series Conveyor design to position the company as a leader in quality grain and seed handling equipment. With a solid network of dealers throughout the Midwest United States, the 800 Series Conveyor is now just one of the many fine agricultural products from Quality Plus Manufacturing.

Ray-Man, Inc.

The right fertilizer tender or conveyor to fit your needs.Ray-Man, Inc. is committed to manufacturing high quality products, changing with the needs of the agricultural industry.Fertilizer Tenders- With over 35 years in the agricultural industry, Ray-Man, Inc. has the experience needed to build the right fertilizer tender for you.Conveyors- We offer a variety of models of portable conveyors to unload ag lime, fertilizer, and grain.

Soil Max

Soil-Max was started in 1997 by Denny Bell. Overwhelming yield data concluded that drainage (water management) is by far the main ingredient to higher yields. Denny owned Agri-Logic, who wrote Case and Ag Leader’s early yield mapping software. After visiting with 1000’s of yield mapping customers at farm shows, virtually everyone agreed that drainage was about the only correlation they could consistently see impacting yields. Since most farmers had a 20,000 pound tractor or larger, it made a lot of sense to come up with an economical way to install drainage tile and use their existing tractor. They already had the main expense, the tractor!Since then, the Gold Digger tile plow has been an extremely successful product and at every farm show customers come up to the booth to tell us that their Gold Digger is the best product they have ever bought. Many farmer/contractor customers have said the Gold Digger grade control is better than their other commercial equipment. Several NCGA corn growers who win state yield contests own Gold Digger tile plows. It has really been a fun product to sell since everyone loves it!


USC is a leading international manufacturer of custom Seed Treatment Equipment. We take pride in the quality of our products, the ability to recruit and retain knowledgeable experts who are passionate about the future of seed treatment, and the genuine relationships we have fostered over the years. We are committed to stay at the forefront of this ever-changing industry and hope to satisfy each partner along our journey.