Let us do the testing for you

Today’s nutrient and fertilizer applications rely on quality tools sand parts. At Brokaw, we know you have made an investment in those tools and parts, and we want to see that they are working to their peak potential for you from one season to the next. Located in the service centers of the Brokaw locations, you will find our Flow Meter and Injection Pump Test Stand.The service team utilizes this customized test stand, comprised of multiple precision application tools, to rebuild, test and calibrate injection pumps and flow meters. The ability to troubleshoot and recalibrate as needed is a not only a quick turn-around service we offer, but doing so can save significant time and money when applying in your fields.Pre-season and post-season are optimal times to have checks run on your injection pumps and flow meters with Brokaw’s Test Stand. The testing service, which is offered to anyone, is running every day by Brokaw specialists and is a sure sign of accurate applications this growing season. Also customized by Brokaw is their NH3 Pressure Test Valve. This simple attachment tests for leaks, blockages and makes sure flow sensors are working properly.The team at Brokaw is continually innovating services that can help today’s farmer and agriculture retailers maximize their fertilizer and spray application investments.Interested in using one of these mentioned tools or services? Contact the Brokaw service departments at in Fort Dodge, IA (800-362-1640) or Redwood Falls, MN (855-644-3030).