Should my spray tips be replaced?

To ensure the best application, spray tips need to be in top shape. Today’s plastic spray tips have been created to withstand a lot of wear and tear, and they may last longer than previous metal tips, but keeping an eye on their condition is still necessary on a regular basis. However, the ability to visually see the wear of a spray tip is not easily detectable. Instead, testing the flow rate of each tip is your best indicator of their quality and performance. An easy way to check the quality and accuracy of your current spray tips’ flow rates is by using a hand-held tool such as the SpotOn SC-1 Sprayer Calibrator. This simple to use tool provides a quick and accurate flow rate checking of individual spray tips and in most cases can measure in 10 seconds or less. Its small size makes it easy to store in tool boxes or equipment cabs.Spray tip quality is one of the largest performance factors in the proper application of valuable crop protection products. When these important parts are not properly maintained, over and under application occurs, leading to both a loss of time and money. As a reference to how much these incorrect applications can cost you, Brokaw uses a reference chart that highlights the dollars associated with the over or under percentages.    If you question whether your spray tips or additional boom components need replacing, ask any of the Brokaw parts specialists or sprayer sales team to give them a look.