Banjo Flow Meter

MFM220 - Lightweight, battery powered flow meter constructed of corrosion resistance polypropylene

Banjo Line Strainer

LSQ200-80 - Polypropylene strainer with cam lever configuration for easy access for cleaning and servicing

Greenleaf Nozzles

TDXL Series - Most proven multi-purpose Venturi air injection nozzle used across wide variety of applications since 1998

Electric Diaphragm Pumps

Versatile 12 Volt pumps with 2.2 - 5.5 GPM speed options. Includes EF-2200, EF-3000 and EF5500

FS Manufacturing Super Reel

HRE300 - 3" electric hose reel with guide tubes for easy retrieval and 2-way wireless and manual switches

Blue Monster Pipe Thread Sealant

76005 - Industrial grade sealant for use on threads made from all metals, PVC, CPVC, ABS and nylon plastic pipe systems


Looking for a part?

Driven by the desire to see that each Brokaw Supply customer receives the highest quality care in their farming equipment, the service and parts department offer the highest degree of customer service and commitment.
The service areas at both the Fort Dodge and Redwood Falls locations offer large shop space, allowing for year-round service of large application equipment. What sets Brokaw Supply apart is the fabrication abilities found at both locations that allow for equipment customization to further meet customer’s needs.

Application seasons in the Midwest can place some of the highest intensities on field equipment. It is also the least desirable time to be waiting on parts. Brokaw Supply customers have come to expect the short turnaround time on the parts they need to reduce down time in the field. This is accomplished with Brokaw Supply’s complete inventory of parts and fully committed parts staff at both the Fort Dodge and Redwood Falls locations.