The industry’s leading precision agricultural manufacturers are represented at Brokaw Supply. Ensuring you are able to reach yield potential and save on time and inputs is why Brokaw Supply offers the most dependable precision ag products and the support to use the effectively.Here you will find just some of the precision agriculture manufacturers and products available from Brokaw Supply. Ag LeaderIntegra displayThe Ag Leader Integra display puts cutting-edge precision farming technology at your fingertips. The large, full-color 12.1″ HD touchscreen makes reading and using your display easy. No matter the color of your equipment, you can use it in your cab to do planter and application control, mapping, yield monitoring, real-time data logging and more. Geo SteerIdeal for planting, tillage, application and other field operations that require precise automated steering, GeoSteer meets the steering needs required for small grain crops and emerging markets. Intellisplope- Tile plow control systemThe Intellislope functionality is available through the Ag Leader® Integra display and provides tile plow control for installing field drainage tile easily and effectively. Suvey, plan and install, all with the capabilities through the Intellislope tile plow management software. Direct CommandYour resources are valuable and important. Whether you have an NH3 toolbar, Liquid N sidedress unit, sprayer, spreader or electric starter fertilizer pump on your planter, DirectCommand will transform the application process, allowing for maximum control.  CapstanPinPoint®Pin Point provides everything its name implies  — extreme pinpoint accuracy and dramatic gains in efficiency. By combining Capstan Ag’s patented blended Pulse-Width Modulation technology with an individual nozzle control solution, PinPoint offers extreme application control in a wide range of conditions. NJect® LFNJect LF technology uses Blended Pulse technology as a simple, clever way to change the flow through an orifice as if the orifice size could be changed "on-the-go".  It responds as needed up to a 25:1 range of rate for a variable rate map prescription.  NORACUC5™ Height Control SystemThe UC5™ is the latest generation of height control and is the first independent height control system to receive ISOBUS certification. The UC5™ Spray Height Control System can be operated through the tractor's existing virtual terminal or Ag Leader panel and is available with the NORAC PULSE™ to make it a stand-alone system. The UC5™ Spray Height Control product line is ISOBUS 11783 certified.  Precision PlantingDelta ForceNothing controls down force better than DeltaForce™ from Precision Planting. In every foot on every pass, in each individual row, it monitors row unit weight and ground contact, then instantly and automatically adjusts to maintain the depth you set. In a four year study, managing down force improved yield on average 8.7 bushels.* It's a simple solution to improve yields and win. DeltaForce is available for most John Deere, CaseIH and Kinze planter models. vDrivePowered by 20/20 SeedSense®, vDrive brings single-row control to your vSet meters. It enables incredibly precise population control on curves, when your ground speed changes and with all variable rate prescriptions – even highly granular FieldScripts®. With the vDrive system, you don't need clutches, hydraulic motors and chains or cables. It uses a 12V electric motor that controls each row individually and eliminates the maintenance that chains and cables require. Field ViewWith FieldView, you have an instant high-definition picture of planter performance. Every planter pass, every row, every foot of seed information is plotted on an Apple® Map. This unprecedented view allows operators to manage the planter with an entire "field view" of planter performance. Plus, all of your field and planting data is stored on the iPad® tablet. So, now you have a mobile tool for the office and for scouting.  RavenViper® 4Viper® 4 integrates with Raven's full line of products into one networked platform that offers a responsive touchscreen and an intuitive, tablet-style interface with swiping features and horizontal or vertical orientation. Customize your Viper® 4 by user and machine - it's colorblind which means it works with equipment of every brand. Easy job set-up, fewer touches, and greater efficiency allow for extraordinary data management capabilities. SlingshotSlingshot delivers unrivaled connectivity through mobile networks for access to a groundbreaking system of RTK correction signals, online services, sophisticated data management capabilities, precision ag equipment and instant in-field support and service. Repeatable RTK sub-inch accuracy with no line-of-sight limitations. Trees, structures, hills and other obstructions instantly become irrelevant for uninterrupted operation. You can even track and communicate with other equipment while you work.